January 30, 2024

Western Sales Technician, Kevin Clark wins Canadian Division Award as John Deere’s Technician of the Year

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Western Sales Technician, Kevin Clark wins Canadian Division Award as John Deere’s Technician of the Year

High-tech skills and old-fashioned service are keys to success for first Technician of the Year honorees.

Today’s John Deere technicians must be as adept with computer codes and electronic circuits as they are with wrenches and screwdrivers. But what really sets the best technicians apart is a skill as old as the company itself – the ability to communicate with customers, build relationships and find solutions.

Awards recognize excellence on territory, division and national levels

The John Deere Technicians of the Year program was introduced last summer, and Western Sales’ Technician, Kevin Clark won at the Canadian Division Level. Kevin and his wife Kaitlyn, Service Manager, Grant Dubois and Aftermarket Manager, Ryan Wickett travelled to Moline last week for the award presentation and tours of the John Deere Factories. This is a huge honor and well-deserved award for Kevin. We are very proud of all the work he does here for Western Sales and within his community!

Several other technicians were recognized for technical excellence:

·       Hector Rubio, RDO Agriculture Equipment Co.

·       Kyle Comerford, Gooseneck Implement

·       Jake Kerbo, American Implement

·       Wes Hartz, Prairie State Tractor

·       Kenny Rogerson, Greenway Equipment

·       William Major, Quality Equipment

·       Kevin Clark, Western Sales

“Winning this award was quite unexpected, ”Kevin Clark says. “It means so much to me that my dealership even put my name forward before many other technicians, and then to be the Canadian division winner just puts it over the top. Not only is it great for me to get this acknowledgement but also for Western Sales, as it further solidifies us as one of the premier dealerships in western Canada or even the nation.”

He believes technicians who rest on past success soon will be left behind.

“What makes me a successful technician is my drive to grow,” Clark says. “I enjoy learning about the new equipment and technology. I also want to know how things work. Whether it is electrical, hydraulic or mechanical, I like to know how and why it works the way it does. Being on the road for seeding and harvest season allows me to see our equipment in action. Conversing with our customers at their farms helps put more of a personal touch on our service. It makes our customers happy and more comfortable if they know who is helping keep their business running, and I like being that guy.”

This year’s winners shared some advice for other technicians who want to continually approve, and Clark takes the same approach.

“I would advise other technicians to expand their knowledge on the equipment during the winter months,” he says. “During inspection season, reach out to older or more-experienced techs and ask questions. The more you learn in the offseason from experienced techs, the easier life will become on the road when you are by yourself. That advice does not only pertain to younger technicians. It is amazing what you can learn from someone younger who is looking at a problem a different way. You never can stop wanting to expand your horizons.”

           John Deere clearly has established itself as the leader in agricultural equipment technology. For technicians who commit themselves to continual learning and exceptional customer service, the Technicians of the Year awards are further recognition of a job well done.



Author: Alan Goforth

P.O. Box 2194

Lee's Summit, MO  64063


Kevin Clark

Service Technician

Rosetown, Saskatchewan

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