Why FieldSmart?

The FieldSmart team is your unbiased agronomic and farming technology partner, collaborating with you on the best solutions for your farming operation. Our agronomists and techgronomists provide their honest assessment based on your data and what they see in your fields. They are the eyes and boots on the ground working with you to decide what’s best and help you make the most of every opportunity.


Full-time agronomists


+ years of combined experience


precision ag specialists

AgData Certified Partners

Data, Insight, Action.
FieldSmart enables healthy crop yields through the use of trusted technology by trusted local support helping you plan, plant, apply, and harvest more efficiently and accurately. Gain access to the complete picture of your fields so you know what the land is telling you, what to do and when, saving you time, money, and resources.
we are transparent
You place a high value on your farm data and the security around it. With our partners, John Deere and EFC we are AgData Transparent certified. This certification confirms the transparency of our data management and operates on the principle that you are the owner of your data.
What makes us unique?
FieldSmart Precision Agronomy Services helps integrate your entire farm year-round. We take into account soil science, crop development, rotation, and practical aspects of your farm to provide sustainable and profitable advice. With a focus on soil health, we work closely with you to develop end-to-end solutions taking the headache out of sampling, testing, data generation, and prescription files for your operation.
Profit focused agronomy advice
We are independent – Regardless of the colour of machinery you use, we will make an unbiased product recommendation that will be the best fit for your on-farm machinery.
We are unbiased – Our precision agronomy programs are not attached to any agricultural input dealer, giving you the support and advantage of choosing the solutions that work for the best outcomes.

Client Farm Setup

Data Cleanup

Prescription Creation

Crop Planning

Production Equipment Optimization

John Deere Precision AG Platform

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