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Western Sales is Deeply Rooted in community, and supports many worthwhile causes in the communities that our customers and staff live and work in every day. With over 300 sponsorship donations this year alone, we believe we have a positive impact in the communities we serve.
Western Sales values good corporate citizenship and community engagement, we are supportive of initiatives that have relevance to both our customers and employees while demonstrating a leadership position in the agriculture industry. We value programs that support rural communities and the future of Saskatchewan farming involving young farmers and sustainable farming practices.

Western Sales sees sponsorship as support for an organization, program, event or team. In return for support, we will use the sponsorship to promote Western Sales' brand, product and services. We receive hundreds of requests for sponsorship, promotion, donations and partnerships from worthy individuals and organizations every year. While we would like to approve all of these requests, unfortunately, this is not possible. In order to use our funds effectively and to provide you a timely response to your request, we have established the following sponsorship guidelines for sponsorship requests.

Please read these guidelines carefully before requesting sponsorship assistance.
· Groups must reside and be active in our trading areas.
· Due to the volume of requests we receive, please allow up to two weeks for a response
· For requests of $1,000 or more, please submit your application a minimum of one month in advance
· All requests must be submitted in writing or via email, using the forms provided at the bottom of this article
· Western Sales must be recognized for the contribution, either in print, digital or otherwise

Limitations on Giving
The following are not normally supported:
-       Capital projects for buildings, infrastructure, play structures etc., where they are owned and funded by Town/Village coffers
-       Political parties/organizations
-       Individuals
-       Self-interest groups
-       Religious organizations
-       Government funded organizations
-       Any out of AOR individuals, teams, or events
If monetary donations are not requested, we can provide items for auction up to the amount of $200.
There are certain exceptions that can be made for larger items but that will be determined by management.  
Sponsorship Request Form            

For further details or questions - please contact:
Marketing Coordinator ~ Roxan Foursha
(306) 882-4291

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