XUV560E Mid-Size Crossover Gator

Mid-Size Gator™ XUV

Save more than just time when you cross over to the mighty Mid-Size Series. With a redesigned display inside a spacious interior, the Mid-Size Gator UV lets you spend more time focused on the next turn or the next job. So step up to a four-wheel drive that engages with a single switch and shifts seamlessly from drive to park and everywhere in between.

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XUV560E Mid-Size Crossover Gator
2-Passenger Crossover Utility Vehicle


Specs & Compare

Key Specs
Engine power
11.9* kW (16 hp)
Cargo box dimensions
82 x 120.9 x 29.7 cm / 32.3 x 47.6 x 11.7 in. / (0.25 m3) / (8.9 cu ft)
Cargo box capacity (weight)
227 kg (500 lb)
Towing capacity
680 kg (1500 lb)
Front suspension
Fully independent dual A-arm with adjustable coil over shocks, 203 mm (8 in.) travel, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension
Fully independent with lower A-arm and upper camber link with adjustable coil over shocks, 203 mm (8 in.) travel

Accessories and Attachments

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