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Western Water Management is a locally owned and operated earthworks company providing cutting edge tile drainage solutions. Our in-house engineers use the most advanced methods for designing water management solutions that are installed using industry-leading equipment. It is of high priority for us to be able to help producers become more environmentally responsible regarding water drainage and usage while sustaining healthy and profitable land.

Tile drainage removes excess water from the surface and subsurface of the soil through the installation of subsurface tubes that draw and channel excess water to designated outlets where it enters an approved drainage system. Tile drainage has been an effective method of land improvement in North America for well over 50 years, significantly increasing agricultural productivity in the US Midwest and into Eastern Canada. However, tile drainage has just recently gained considerable traction in Western Canada with a steady increase in land values.

The immediate recovery of land can sometimes pay for the capital cost of a drainage project in the first year, however, there are many long-term benefits that ensure the project cost is recovered in approximately three to five years in almost every circumstance. The benefits include; increased yields, reduction of soil loss, salinity reduction, deeper root growth, better soil aeration and reduction in compaction. Furthermore, tax management advantages are available as tile drainage costs are fully deductible in the current tax year, or can be carried forward for up to five years. If we do a comparison of tile drainage costs to recover saturated acres to new land purchase prices, tile has never been cheaper, and it is for this reason that drainage has seen exponential growth in the last few years.

The first step in developing a project is a one-on-one meeting with our engineer to ensure we understand your needs and goals. Following the meeting, our team then gathers the required topographic data so that a customized drainage design can be prepared and delivered. If you have questions about the agronomic impact of a potential drainage project, our related FieldSmart agronomists can provide professional advice about the likely agronomic results of your intended project. Our team is then available to assist with obtaining the necessary permits from the Water Security Agency and other agencies and stakeholders to ensure your project is performed within rules and regulations. Topographic data is collected using state of the art equipment to ensure installations are designed and installed accurately to the correct grade - slope and installation need to be precise to ensure your system performs as intended.

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We install using only the best equipment available, which employs the most advanced GPS equipment to provide sub-inch accuracy on tile placement.

Our team has installed well over 1,000,000 feet of tile in the past year and we are already starting to get booked up for Fall 2018 installations. However, if you are interested in tile drainage we have some capacity remaining.

Drain    In the trench    Working

Bron    Bron 2    Bron 3

(Equipment used: Bron 550 - 540 HP is able to plow 90”)

Bron 4    bron 5    Bron 5

Bron 6    Bron 7

(Western Water Management can tile in the winter months)

If you are interested in tile drainage please contact us:

Call: (306) 867-4130 Brock Simonson
or (306) 867-9252

Email: brock.simonson@wwmgt.ca

We are the best-equipped company in Saskatchewan to meet your drainage needs.

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