Powergard Protection

Would you feel more confident about your John Deere equipment if you had an option for an extended warranty program? Well, Western Sales can provide you with this option. PowerGard is an extended warranty program that provides coverage on defective materials or original workmanship of covered components. PowerGard gives you peace of mind when purchasing your John Deere equipment.

Why would I purchase PowerGard?

Enhances confidence when purchasing your John Deere equipment.

Helps you get the most out of your John Deere equipment.

Who do I purchase PowerGard from?

It can be purchased at anyone of our 6 Western Sales locations.

Do we cover transportation costs?

There is no travel, transportation, or shipping coverage.

How do I know that my dealer did in fact purchase the PowerGard?

PowerGard mails our Contract Cards and Coverage Forms to the customer after PowerGard is purchased.

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