Optimization Package

Connected Support 

Connecting your equipment to your MyJohnDeere account and access the benefits of operating John Deere equipment.

Benefits of Base Level Support include:

Remote Display Access - allows you or Western Sales to access a real-time view of your in-cab equipment display to help diagnose operating issues or equipment performance
Service Advisor Remote - saving you time and money with remote access to your detailed machine codes with the goal of solving problems without going to the field
3rd Party Access - allow your trusted advisors to have access to your critical agronomic data 
collected by John Deere equipment; we can help provide access
Data Transfer - you can manually transfer your John Deere equipment data to your MyJohnDeere profile via USB stick
Software Updates - get your Green Star device up to date with the most recent John Deere software
• Education - in-depth, interactive discussions in a classroom setting surrounding some
of the most important topics to producers today and that can help you optimize your operation
Customer Support Centre - our toll-free number allows access to our support staff. Using Remote Display Access, Service Advisor Remote and other diagnostic tools, they will help you with advice or technical support. This is the quickest way to get up and running when you don’t need a technician.

Equipment Support

Gaining extensive knowledge about your equipment before the season starts is how Machine 
Optimization adds value to your operation. You will receive operator in cab training, review of 
service points, explain the theory of operation and much more! One on one training provides your 
best chance at gaining information and know-how. All this adds up to a more productive season.

• Operator in-cab training and service points review
• Review of basic seeding principles, tank set-up and calibration, and review of seed depth and 
• Calibration of machine components

• Operator in-cab training and service points review
• Review of basic spraying principles and nozzle selection
• Calibration of machine components

• Operator in-cab training and service points review
• Review of basic threshing principles and how to adjust a combine, minimizing grain loss
• Calibration of machine components