AgriWestern Dealer Group Announces New VP of Precision Agronomy

posted on Monday, November 16, 2020 in Dealer News

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Over the last few years, AgriWestern Dealer Group Ltd. (AWDG), together with its partners, Western Sales (1986) Ltd. and Western Tractor Inc. have witnessed an increase in demand for precision agronomic services. Many growers are seeking to improve productivity and profitability by combining technology with their agronomic practices to target applications for site-specific management. Anchored by the long-term success of FieldSmart, AWDG dealerships have combined aligned technology and data (available on farm equipment machinery) with prescriptive farming options offered by in-house certified agronomists. FieldSmart Precision Agronomy connects all the pieces of the puzzle: collecting, measuring, and interpreting data to find opportunities for technology to unlock potential and deliver savings. FieldSmart is unique as it offers independent and unbiased producer certified field management solutions and supports year-round. In addition, it is extremely flexible as it can work with a large variety of equipment manufacturer data sources.

Grant McGrath, President/CEO of AWDG is pleased to announce that partner, Corey Leonard has accepted the position of V.P. Precision Agronomy for AWDG dealers, Western Sales (1986) Ltd. and Western Tractor Inc. “I strongly believe that the time for AWDG to invest and grow in precision agronomy is now. The position of V.P. Precision Agronomy is a major step in this investment,” says McGrath. 

“I see the synergy and opportunity that lies between our two dealer groups and the agronomy and precision agronomy platforms we currently offer our customers. As we enter a phase of expansion, in what is a very exciting period for Canadian agriculture, I have asked Corey to drive the growth, strategy, and alignment of FieldSmart Precision Agronomy in Alberta and Saskatchewan,” states McGrath. “Corey is very qualified to lead this new and exciting position,” citing Leonard’s MBA from the University of Guelph and many years of leadership roles in the farm equipment industry.

“I have worked very closely with partners Carl Persson and Jason Hintze at Western Sales and partners Steven Dyck and Dallas Smith at Western Tractor and share their focus and vision of the importance of FieldSmart Precision Agronomy for their customer base,” says Leonard. “As a leading provider of precision agriculture services, the focus of FieldSmart Precision Agronomy is on data, insight, and action and I look forward to working with the current Precision Agronomy leadership teams to achieve the growth and success of FieldSmart Precision Agronomy in the AWDG Saskatchewan and Alberta dealerships.”

“We have witnessed the great value and benefits precision agriculture provides to our customers, and we firmly believe that collecting the highest quality data is essential, but it only becomes truly valuable when combined with the experience and expertise to turn that data into actions and tools that match our customer’s goals,” states Steven Dyck, President, Western Tractor. “We will continue to help our growers understand the data to help them be as successful as possible.”

“We are excited to have Corey strengthen our FieldSmart team. Bridging the data from John Deere equipment and My Operations into solid, unbiased agronomic decisions will be more and more important as we move forward. Traceability and sustainable farm management will give producers greater opportunities in the coming years,” according to Carl Persson, V.P. of Operations.

About AgriWestern Dealer Group Ltd.

AgriWestern Dealer Group Ltd. jointly owns Western Sales (1986) Ltd., a six-store Deere dealership in west central Saskatchewan with headquarters in Rosetown, and Western Tractor Inc., a four-store Deere dealership in southern Alberta with headquarters in Lethbridge. Combined with the AWDG head office located in Saskatoon, these dealerships jointly employ over 400 people and deliver superior equipment, product support, and precision agronomy to thousands of customers in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

For more information contact Grant McGrath, President of AWDG Ltd. at or 306-831-7370.