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We are your Authorized Bourgault Dealer in Rosetown, Elrose, Central Butte and Biggar

The 9000 I Series Air Seeder is the most outstanding air cart available, providing an unmatched balance of volume, flexibility, and practical features to progressive Farmers.

9650 Trailing
30/20/20/30 tank splits


9950 Trailing
49/18/11/23 tank splits


91300 Trailing
49/18/11/23 tank splits


L9650 Leading
30/20/20/30 tank splits

L9950 Leading
23/11/18/49 tank splits

2022 Bourgault Product Brochure

  • Each Individual Tank is mounted on load cells that provide actual product rates during seeding, even on uneven ground.
  • The X35 Apollo System is the command center for the 9000 I Series Air Seeder, supports industry leading features that save you time and money.
  • The Bourgault EvenStreamPLUS™ distribution system provides outstandingly consistent product distribution, even at challenging rates.
  • The I-to-I Shared Field Map System enables Producers to operate multiple seeding units using the X35 Apollo seeder controllers in one field using the same map via WIFI connectivity.
  • Bourgault Product Distribution System supports single, double and Tri-Max™ triple shoot product delivery!
  • The PDM Pro Metering System provides the highest degree of accuracy along with gentle seed handling.
  • Renown for high capacity, gentleness on seed and easy clean-out, Bourgault Conveyors are standard on all the 9000 Air Seeders.
  • The Bourgault Dual Auto Section Control (ASC) system provides independent control of seed and fertilizer distribution when the drill overlaps a seeded section of the field.
  • Bourgault makes it a priority that each 9000 Series Air Seeder has the right Running Gear options so the entire capacity can be used with minimal compaction.
  • Further your seeding capability and capacity with the optional Saddle Tank (5th tank) and storage platform.  The BulkBoom™ option provides convenient bulk bag handling in the field or yard.
  • The wide platform, comfortable stairs, and abundant work lights provides premium Operator Safety for those working with a 9000 Series air seeder.