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StarFire Receiver 20-2 Mandatory Update

This software update is a "Mandatory Update” for both StarFire 6000 and StarFire 3000 receivers and includes software fixes plus a few new features. Changes coming with the 20-2 software update also prepare the StarFire network to support new satellite constellations and the next generation StarFire receiver.

StarFire 6000 New Features

StarFire software update 20-2 for StarFire 6000 receivers will also include the following new features:

  • Continuous Data Logging
  • New RTK Extend (RTK-X) and John Deere Mobile RTK (M-RTK) status added
  • Shared Signal and Machine Sync Compatibility

*Updating & Assistance*


1. Receive the update remotely when your machine is equipped with an active MTG (6000 or 3000)

2. 6000 can be updated at the WS store by inserting the ‘Update Memory Stick’  $100  Part # RECUPD

3. 3000 can be updated at the WS store by using a GS2 or GS3 and harness

4.Customers can update their own receivers by purchasing a preloaded stick for $50 Part #  THUMBDRIVE


To get started, you will need to download the appropriate option from the John Deere Software Update list. This download will take around 1-hour to complete and needs a strong, uninterrupted internet connection to work correctly. Next, you will need to put the downloaded file onto a USB stick or thumb drive. Please note, you will need to ensure the USB or thumb drive has a minimum of 16 GB to fit the entire file, and the file needs to be formatted to FAT32 in order to work. Once the file is on the USB, you will insert it into your StarFireTM hardware. The file transfer may take up to one hour. 

Video on these options:

Update Times

  • 3000 receiver - 30 minutes with stick in Gen4 or GS3
  • 3000 receiver - 30 minutes over the Air with Gen4  
  • 6000 receiver - 40 minutes with stick in Gen4 or GS3 
  • 6000 receiver - 40 minutes over the Air with Gen4

Call your Western Sales Dealership if you have any questions.
*Effective NOW: All StarFire 6000 and StarFire 3000 receivers must have been updated to software version 20-2 to function.