Western Sales Ag Research Project

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Western Ag Research Project 

The Western Sales Ag Research Project will be utilized by FieldSmart agronomists to test their theories on the processes of variable rate technology. This project will give the agronomists the opportunity to test theories on varying seeding and/or fertilizer rates within the fields on the farm. With the intent to increase the grower's gross margin by being the most efficient with the resources being used (land, fertilizer, and seed). This project will allow current and potential customers to see the benefits that come from using a variable rate technology. This project will be key to showing how simply utilizing the nutrients used and the land in the most efficient way can increase a grower's gross margin.
Who is Involved?

The Western Sales  Ag Research Project is supported by Western Sales, Bourgault, and Prof. Jeff Schoenau. The fields are monitored by FieldSmart agronomists during the growing season. Marcel Dubois is the owner and operator of the farm.

What is the Goal?

The goal of this project is to prove how the agronomists at FieldSmart use variable-rate technology to increase the gross margin for the grower.

How long is the Project?

The project has ran for 5 years. After every year the processes and results will be published for current and potential clients to observe the results. We are currently working on compiling and analyzing this data.

Where is the Land?

The farm is located southeast of Rosetown, Saskatchewan.


The Western  Sales Ag Research Farm was established so that the FieldSmart Agronomists can test their variable rate theories over an extended period of time. It also allows growers to come out and see what exactly the Agronomists are doing and what the results look like. The ultimate goal being that gross margin is increased.