NEW CMI Service Promotion

Western Sales recognizes the importance of keeping your equipment running properly throughout the season. We live in a country where a couple of days can mean the difference between profit and loss. That is why we have created our Certified  Maintenance Inspection (CMI) Guarantee in response to your needs.

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It's the same CMI GUARANTEE that you know and trust, NOW WITH MORE OPTIONS!

What is a CMI?
The Certified Maintenance Inspection is a 400+ point inspection of your John Deere tractor, sprayer, combine, header, or baler.

What is the CMI Guarantee?
It is our commitment to have you up and running within 24 hours or we will send a loaner rent FREE to fill in until your equipment is ready.

What Equipment is Eligible?
Every farmer is different, so we listen and work with you to meet the needs of your business.

Where Can I Get a CMI Completed?
A CMI can be completed at any one of our six locations –
Rosetown, Elrose, Biggar, Outlook, Davidson, or Central Butte.

Contact your local Western Sales Service Advisor for details.
Phone: 1-877-676-9600 

* The majority of the recommended work must be completed by Western Sales in order to receive the CMI Guarantee
*Multi-Use Account Finance Options available. 
*Offer subject to change.