Bulk Oil

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Western Sales Bulk Oil Program
Staying on top of maintenance is key to your operation. That’s why we offer the John Deere bulk oil program. You’ll get premium oil at bulk prices and an option for our on-site storage system to make things easy.
Benefits of bulk oil:
–– You’ll save money – buying bulk costs less than buying several drums at once. 
You’ll see cost savings immediately.
––Maintenance will be easier – using a tank is a lot faster and simpler than dealing with drums. Plus, you’ll be able to control inventory since the tank is easy to meter.
––There’s less waste – fewer containers make bulk oil an environmentally friendly option. Plus, you won’t have to deal with empty containers strewn all over your shop.

Choose only Plus-50™ II engine oil and Hy-Gard™ transmission and hydraulic oil to keep you going.

Why Plus-50 II?
–– Protects up to 500 hours in your John Deere equipment
–– Developed right alongside John Deere engines
–– Qualified by one of the most extreme off-road engine dyno tests in the industry
–– Exceeds requirements of the API CJ-4 service category
–– Approved for interim Tier 4 and Tier 4 engines, as well as new and older diesel, gasoline and natural
gas-powered engines
–– So good, it’s guaranteed to meet or exceed the requirements of your engine

Why Hy-Gard?
–– Formulated for a wide range of operating temperatures
–– Defends against wear on high-torque, heavy-loaded gears and bearings
–– Combats wear and corrosion in hydraulic pumps
–– Provides proper friction for wet brakes and clutches, reducing slippage, wear 
and chatter
––Withstands extreme pressure without oil breakdown
–– Prevents deposit formation on internal parts

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*Customer-owned containers can be filled on-site. Inquire at your nearest Western Sales location for full details.
Note: Customers are responsible for the cleanliness of their own containers. There is a $200 deposit on totes.