Our Company


The mission of Western Sales is to provide the highest quality Customer Service, with highly trained and motivated staff, while offering and supporting the finest quality farm equipment and technology that meets the ever-changing needs of our agricultural customers.

Vision Statement

The long-term success of Western Sales will be based on the degree of confidence our agricultural customers have in Western Sales to support, train, acquire and utilize the ‘information’ and ‘technology’ they require to operate successful, viable, and profitable farms.

The ‘technology and information’ component of farm equipment will be more important than the equipment itself.

Core Values

1. Western Sales will have superior parts and service departments that serve the customer's needs professionally, expertly, and passionately.

2. Western Sales will add value to customers by:

  • Providing knowledge in the areas of changing farming practices
  • Assisting the Customer to acquire technology and being able to train and support the technology.
  • Adapting new and innovative equipment to the customer's operations

3. Western Sales has a clear understanding of the Customer's issues.

4. Western Sales will demonstrate a willingness to do its best at all times to serve customer's needs with excellence and will openly admit mistakes or shortcomings and at the same time take immediate action to make things right.

5. Western Sales has consistency and honesty in pricing.

6. Western Sales will demonstrate optimism and convey pride and confidence in all aspects of delivering products and services to its customers.

Your Local John Deere Dealer

With six stores located throughout West Central Saskatchewan, our highly trained and motivated staff offers and supports the finest quality farm equipment and technology that meets the ever changing needs of our agricultural customers.