L7800 Air Seeder

The capacity of the Leading 7800 is most impressive; with four main tanks totaling 800 bushels in capacity yet minimizing compaction. The L7800 has many new design features that take it to the next level in leading air seeder design!

Key Features & Specs

  • Four tanks totalling 1300 bushels
  • 850/80R38 Radial Lug Tires
  • Auto Section Control
  • 12" Unload Auger
  • Four tanks totalling 700 bushels
  • 850/80R38 Tires
  • Auto Section Control
  • 10" conveyor or 12" auger
Staircase Tank Access Camera w/ 7" LCD Screen
Class A Distribution System New Hydraulic Drive Meter
Optional X30 Apollo System Optional Load Cells
Optional 40bu saddle tank Optional Bulk Boom