FieldSmart Pricing

SmartData Powered by 

FieldSmart’s Base level of support connects you to, which provides industry-
leading ag data and production management tools. More than just an agronomic tool to
build management zones or analyze yield data, SmartData is a complete agronomic and financial 
platform that will allow you to track applications, revenue and expenses to determine your gross 
margins on an acre by acre level, while allowing you to plan your next agronomic and production 
moves. SmartData delivers all your production information, in one place, with useful agronomic and 
financial analytical tools at your fingertips to be the best farm manager you can be. You can 
access SmartData through any web broswer, and you can securely share your information with your 
trusted agronomic or financial advisor.


SmartScouts App
Have all the scouting information you need at your fingertips with the SmartScouts App.
A cloud based app service that works directly with SmartData powered by FieldSmart and your
agronomist to provide in depth analysis and guides to scouting. Identify unknown weeds and disease
with in app guides and tag them with geospatial data so you or your trusted advisors can provide a
second opinion.



A risk management tool that provides producers with accurate agronomic prescriptions to maximize 
gross margin. Let science and results drive your business management decisions.
FieldSmart offers an online tool for collecting and capturing all your information in an easy to 
use, interactive platform. All your trusted advisors can be granted access to this information and 
help make recommendations.

SmartFarm RX
• Objective analysis conducted by FieldSmart based off SmartZoning
•   Prescription creation that puts the exact
products your field needs, where it needs it
•   Targeting yields to maximize gross margin

4-Year Contract: $7/Acre Per Year
1-Year Contract: $6/Acre + SmartZoning

• EC mapping determines water and nutrient holding capacity, and designates field zones for 
accurate soil testing
• Precise soil testing provides in-depth detail about soil composition
• Connects to SmartData improving decision-making ability


•   SmartScouts investigate plant health, pest populations, and field anomalies
•  SmartScouts will access SmartData for other pertinent and related information, and will look at past inputs, crop rotations, and pest history of each field
•   Provide unbiased solutions


SmartWater Assessment

  • SmartWater experts will use technology to ensure an accurate assessment for drainage or irrigation projects; irrigation also requires soil sampling
  • Consultation with FieldSmart agronomist includes design plans and assistance in completing permitting to relevant government bodies

$6/Acre + soil sampling for irrigation